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Rachel Weddle, MA

As a licensed elementary teacher with a Master’s in special education, Rachel worked extensively with young children, in particular with at-risk youth with emotional/behavioral disabilities.  She also has a Bachelor's in Psychology, specializing in early childhood development.  Rachel has co-authored and assisted in research under both the educational and early childhood umbrella.  Like many parents, Rachel experienced questions regarding baby sleep after her first child.  Consequently, she began to extensively research the area of children’s sleep.  For several years Rachel counseled many parents experiencing child sleep problems and, as a result, founded Child-Works.


Based on thoroughly reviewed research, the philosophy behind Child-Works was formed.  This philosophy is based on the notion that learning to sleep is a skill, just like talking, sitting up and walking.  Sleeping well is a family issue and we believe that the child is not the soul focus of the sleep problems.  Therefore, Child-Works conducts a thorough assessment of the entire family to understand the family’s style, pace and values.  The dynamic of the family is then coupled with a sleep solution that will work.  Since there are various research-based methods that work, it is important to determine which one best suits your family.  While most children protest and experience frustration with learning any new skill, Child-Works does not subscribe to any theory that involves closing the door and leaving your child for the night.  Support and safety for the entire family is paramount.  By incorporating these various strategies the child is able to internalize this new skill for long-term success.  It is our goal to help parents learn these techniques and enjoy first hand the joyful results.


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