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To Sleep With Your Baby or Not

The debate about co-sleeping in the United States is growing. Here at Child-Works we believe co-sleeping can be a wonderful situation in the early months as long as it is done safely. It is a tremendous benefit to a mother who is nursing every hour or two. It can also be an incredible bonding time. […]

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Should My Toddler Watch Television?

The debate about when it is okay for children to watch television, what is appropriate and how much is okay is a hot debate among parents and child specialists. NY Times has recently published an article explaining current research on toddlers and television: “When Toddlers Turn on the TV and Actually Learn” Let us know […]

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Good Books for Babies and Toddlers

Babies become interested in books at various ages and in different ways. Some babies like to hold the book and “read” themselves, others want to focus on the pictures while others enjoy hearing every word read to them. A literacy group located in Pittsburgh gathers specialists together to determine the 10 best books for babies […]

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