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How Sleep Affects Mood

A recent client shared how different her child’s mood was after only one week of implementing a healthier sleep schedule. Once her two year old daughter had a nighttime routine that provided an earlier bedtime for her, she slept in later in the morning. The mother was telling me what a great mood her daughter […]

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Potty Training

A client who looked to us for help with her sons sleep recently came back to discuss potty training. Like many of us, she received lots of well intentioned advice and in the end felt discouraged and unhappy with how she handled it all. Her two year old son showed a clear interest in leaving […]

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Keeping Older Kids in Bed

A preschool mom shared with me a great story that further underscores that many bedtime battles with older children are behavioral choices. Her son, age five, would come into her room at night saying he was scared. After some time she was confident he was not having bad dreams, but was coming to her as […]

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