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Parenting Styles and Baby Sleep

Many of my clients have heard my philosophical approach to parenting and sleep training a child. I always refer to “attachment parenting” (as described by Dr. Sears) as child directed and “baby wise” (by Gary Ezzo) as parent directed. Child-Works aims to strike a balance between these two approaches where both the parents and child’s […]

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Research Linking A Child’s Sleep With Obesity

In my artcle “Why The Fuss Over Sleep” I discuss research based on adults that link sleep deprivation with obesity. New studies have emerged that connects lack of sleep in children with childhood obesity. Many parents are surprised to learn how much sleep their children should be getting. Not only does lack of sleep affect […]

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Child Sleep and the Importance of a Bedtime Routine

The best way to prevent sleep issues in children is to make sure they have a bedtime routine that is followed each and every night. If you are reading this, it means your sleep is being impacted in a negative way due to some sleep issues that your own child may be having. There are […]

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Getting Your Child’s Sleep Schedule Ready for School

Children all over the country are making their way back to school in the next few weeks. Since many children need to wake earlier in the morning to prepare for school, it is critical for families to establish a sleep schedule that accommodates earlier bed times. For most of us this means moving our evening […]

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