The Incredible Results of Sleep Training Your Child

Just today I heard from a client who completed a Child-Works sleep plan when her son was 4.5 months old. At 16 months he had a sinus infection. After many nights of being up with him because he did not feel well, this mom knew she needed to return to the plan to get him […]

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Common Sleep Myths

MYTH: Healthy sleep habits develop automatically. FACT: The process of sleep is a learned skill. Some children learn this skill more readily than others. Parents can help or hinder the development of healthy sleep habits. MYTH: Crying signifies pain. FACT: An infant cries to communicate a wide range of feelings and needs. Crying does not […]

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Why A Good Night Sleep Is Critical To Your Child’s Well Being

More and more information is coming out on the importance of sleep for both adults and children. I have written an article that consolodates much of the recent research on sleep for children which can be found under Sleep Information/Articles. The following article also provides information on the importance of sleep: “6 Reasons Why Your […]

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Too Little Sleep Can Lead to Obesity In Children

If you are reading this blog then you most likely have a good idea that sleep is important to our children’s overall health. All my clients have learned that sleep affects a child’s behavior, emotional development, learning ability and physical health. More and more research is being done on pediatric sleep. The following article discusses […]

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Potty Training

A client who looked to us for help with her sons sleep recently came back to discuss potty training. Like many of us, she received lots of well intentioned advice and in the end felt discouraged and unhappy with how she handled it all. Her two year old son showed a clear interest in leaving […]

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Should My Toddler Watch Television?

The debate about when it is okay for children to watch television, what is appropriate and how much is okay is a hot debate among parents and child specialists. NY Times has recently published an article explaining current research on toddlers and television: “When Toddlers Turn on the TV and Actually Learn” Let us know […]

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Good Books for Babies and Toddlers

Babies become interested in books at various ages and in different ways. Some babies like to hold the book and “read” themselves, others want to focus on the pictures while others enjoy hearing every word read to them. A literacy group located in Pittsburgh gathers specialists together to determine the 10 best books for babies […]

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Toddler Sleep and Behavior

A parent the other day shared a terrific story of how he overcame a “sleep obstacle” with his 2 year old son. This family had successfully completed our sleep package. Their son had transitioned to his big kid bed and was sleeping 12 hours a night. All of a sudden, their son began waking earlier […]

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