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August 19th, 2011  |  Published in Parenting News

I am always happy to hear not only how great a sleep plan works in helping a child learn the skill to sleep on his/her own, but also how the ability to sleep can ride the ebbs and flows of life so a family no longer has to feel anxious about trips, illness or any mishap in the regular schedule. I had the pleasure to work with Roy Steinbock, a beloved Pediatrician in the Boulder area, his wife Debbie and their 8 month old daughter, Mia. Recently, Debbie wrote this:
We met with Rachel when our daughter Mia was about 8 months old. She was still waking several times throughout the night and had regressed back to taking 30-minute cat-naps (much to my disappointment because we had worked so hard to help her take “real” naps about 2 months earlier). I was feeling depleted and exhausted. And although Mia was generally a happy little baby, my gut was just telling me that she too needed more quality sleep.
Rachel was so easy to work with! She listened carefully and helped us devise a plan. The overachievers we are, my husband and I began that night. Before we even had Rachel’s wonderful notes in our hands a few days later, Mia was already waking less times at night, and for shorter periods of time. Within a few weeks Mia was sleeping through the night totally on her own, and longer and more scheduled naps returned.
A few weeks ago we took a trip to NY. I was scared to travel, hoping that Mia would adjust to a new place to sleep, a new time zone, etc. She was a rock star! A few times we almost had to wake her because her nap had gone to 3 hrs (this NEVER happens!). And her transition back to CO was relatively seamless as well. I truly believe she now knows how to sleep….and once that foundation is there, its there!
For more information on Roy Steinbock visit his website at http://www.mindfulpediatrics.com  

If your child’s sleep has been rocked by vacation or illness and you would like help getting back on track, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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