The Incredible Results of Sleep Training Your Child

Just today I heard from a client who completed a Child-Works sleep plan when her son was 4.5 months old. At 16 months he had a sinus infection. After many nights of being up with him because he did not feel well, this mom knew she needed to return to the plan to get him […]

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A Mother’s Lack of Sleep Affects the Entire Family

The vast majority of my clients are exhausted moms. They feel they have lost control on aspects of their lives and feel desperate. After implimentation of a Child-Works sleep plan where their children are finally sleeping, these moms are quick to comment on how they are finally getting sleep again themselves and how wonderful that […]

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How Sleep Affects Mood

A recent client shared how different her child’s mood was after only one week of implementing a healthier sleep schedule. Once her two year old daughter had a nighttime routine that provided an earlier bedtime for her, she slept in later in the morning. The mother was telling me what a great mood her daughter […]

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