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Rachel has been an amazing asset to my patients at Mindful Pediatrics. She seems to be able to really understand and connect with many different types of parents and styles of parenting. Aside from really personally resonating with the education and advice that she gives (we used her for our youngest child Mia) I feel that she really gets through to parents at a time that is often very stressful. She supports and walks them through the steps necessary for a high level of success. Mindful Pediatrics patients seem to love Rachel and her advice. I recommend her at all my sleep deprived parents with great confidence.
-Roy Steinbock MD FAAP
Board Certified and Holistic Pediatrician

Just a little note of appreciation. I knew this "happy girl" was in my sleepless baby somewhere. You made all the difference. Thank you! We're doing great! 

We called Rachel hesitantly, we felt guilty that we were putting our needs before our daughters, but also found ourselves dreading naps and night time sleep. After talking to Rachel, she gave us a new perspective on sleep and crying. We were still hesitant that we would not be able to handle the first night. Rachel's program made the first night a walk in the park, and every night since easier than the first. I am very against "cry it out" programs and this was nothing like "cry it out". It was very nurturing and supportive. Rachel's program has not only helped with sleep, but also helped in nurturing my daughter in many other developments because I have a better understanding of her crying. I feel that this was not only a gift to my husband and I but also to our daughter. We are not only more energized, happier, and ready to play, but so is our daughter. She was already such a happy little person, but with more constant sleep she is even more so. Thank you for making us a stronger!
-The Boyles

As both a physician and mother of two, it is reassuring to know Rachel has so much experience as well as being rooted in research when it comes to developing happy, healthy sleep habits in infants and children. She has saved many exhausted parents (me included) and children with her individualized program and incredibly personalized attention to the client and their entire family. Rachel makes herself available so that children and parents are set up for success! She is supportive, knowledgeable and helps families find their way through a challenging and often times overwhelming process.
-Karen Kaufman, MD

Sleep problems are a common problem in many households. As a pediatrician, I am thrilled to be able to refer my families to Rachel for appropriate advice and reassurance regarding nighttime issues. Rachel has a calm, nurturing approach to sleeping difficulties and provides excellent and continuing support when working with families. I have had numerous families contact her for help and have received very positive comments about her abilities. I would not hesitate for a moment to refer parents to Rachel for her expertise and guidance.
-Jill Kamon, M.D. - Pediatric Center , Boulder, Colorado

Rachel has been a God send for our family. She has advised, coached, encouraged and supported us as we've struggled to help our son sleep well through his developmental stages. When I have felt beyond frustrated, and of course, exhausted, I have called on her. And every time she has guided us toward blissful sleep. Thank you Rachel!

We struggled with nighttime sleep issues and nap time with our 2.5 year old for about six months before meeting Rachel. After meeting with Rachel, getting a detailed sleep plan specific for our son, we executed the plan at home and it was a great success. The first night we used Rachel's plan, our son understood and responded to it. Within days of starting the new sleep plan, he was sleeping and staying in his own bed all night and napping as well. It was a great success and we were (and still are) thrilled with the outcome from Rachel's sleep plan. We are sorry we didn't meet with her sooner to get our sleep issues resolved, so our whole family could sleep better! I highly recommend Rachel's plans. She's thorough, thoughtful, responsive, understanding and a real mom who can really help!

For nearly two years, I slept with my daughter, nursing her on and off through the night. For a long time, that worked. And then, it didn't. I wasn't sleeping and neither was she. I was pretty attached to the idea of co-sleeping, but was getting strong messages from people around me that whatever I was doing wasn't working. I'd crossed the line from a kind, caring parent to a co-dependant one. Our pediatrician recommended Rachel. I finally called her, desperate, and agreed to do whatever she told me to do. I did it, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. We had 4 difficult nights. And then, a miracle (just as Rachel predicted). My daughter started going to sleep without a peep, and with few exceptions, sleeping all night in her own crib until waking cheerfully in the morning. It is a new world. I am a much better mother for being fully rested, and my daughter is better too. I can't overstate the difference Rachel has made to our family. She is a miracle worker!

Rachel's sleep plan changed our lives.  She is WONDERFUL. I can't say enough about the time, energy and care she put into our son getting his sleep, both nighttime and naps, in a healthy place. She's available 24/7 during the first five days of sleep training which made all the difference in the world to us. And we called her, too!! Our son is now sleeping 11 hours soundly at night, whereas before he was sleeping 7 with rustling. He's napping, and I can't tell you what a difference this has made to all of us.

After four months of getting up just about every hour throughout the night, we knew we needed help. I had six or seven sleep books but not the time or energy to read them again. I found it difficult to decide which part of each plan to use - too much information and so many conflicting theories. Rachel was a Godsend. She gave us a plan that clearly outlined what we needed to doÖ and it worked.

Thanks again for all of your guidance and support with getting Ellie to sleep better.  We are doing very well and she is sleeping great!  She goes down for every nap and at night without any fuss and wakes up happy every time!  She seems more rested and even happier then she used to be during the day.  Thanks again for your help.

I think most parents feel like they need a book with answers to refer to for how to bring up their child. Child-Works is the closest thing to it! It is so comforting to know that someone has answers to your problems and can guide you through every step. It is a little like having a personal trainer. Rachel helps guide you and watch over your shoulder making sure you do everything correctly. Which is what some of us need to get the job done!

When we moved our 2 Ĺ year old son to a big kid bed he realized he could get up whenever he wanted and would come to get us for various reasons all through the night. Sleep books werenít helping me, my network of moms werenít able to help and I was at my wits end. I truly believed there was no solution and felt completely helpless and frustrated. After my initial conversation with Child-Works, Rachel made me feel this problem could be solved. Now, even six months after we completed the sleep plan, bedtime is no longer stressful, but is fun for the entire family. It is such a relief at the end of the day when Iím tired to know that my son will go to bed at a predictable time with no more arguments or battles. I never thought I would pay someone to help me, but Iím so happy I did.

Rachel's insight, experience and personal touch have given us the conviction to get through some of the longest nights and most challenging behaviors. She has helped us see that the short-lived discomfort of clear boundaries and structure is small change for long sleepy nights and a happy, healthy child! Thank you!!!

As a parent, I never really realized the numerous benefits that adequate sleep could have to my children. After starting and consistently utilizing the detailed sleep training program, I immediately noticed a change in the behavior and the overall happiness and playfulness of my children. Also, the "bedtime ritual" actually became a more simple and enjoyable process. Further, since the kids are sleeping better and regularly, I am sleeping more too!

I was still lying down with my 4 year old every night to put her to sleep. The process was draining to say the least. I had to wait for up to an hour to make sure she was really asleep and then sneak out slowly. Most nights an upset child called me back in, in a matter of minutes. I knew I couldn't do it anymore but didn't know where to start in changing this routine. I appreciate all of the strategies and support that Child Works supplied. I feel like they really heard my struggles as a single mom. Now I have my evenings and a child that is much more confident and well rested!

Even at 3 weeks old, our fussy baby seemed to fight sleep to the bitter end. After 3 months of rocking, bouncing, nursing, and walking him to sleep we decided to try to let him "cry it out". After 3 hours of crying and then only 20 minutes of sleep, our hearts were broken. The Child Works' consultants helped us to see that it was probably too early for our son. They encouraged us to wait until his sleep cycles had matured a bit, his colicky behavior subsided and he had developed some soothing strategies. Well at 4 1/2 months it was a totally different experience and we have a son who goes down easily most nights. Each child is so unique - thank you for respecting that Child Works!

I found trying to get my two-year old to sleep in her bed a constant battle. I am a single mother and found it easiest to scoop her up and put her in bed with me, whether it be at bedtime or in the middle of the night. I contacted Child-Works when I realized I was getting no sleep and found myself getting frustrated with my daughter for kicking me at night! At first the thought of spending the money to help me teach my daughter to sleep seemed crazy. After working with Rachel I found it completely worth every penny. My daughter slept in her bed the entire night by the third night. She goes to bed in a great mood (almost excited), and wakes up in the best mood I have ever seen her wake up in. Rachel gave great support and helped me with the necessary tools and plan to help make this a permanent sleep arrangement.

We tried many methods to get our four year old daughter to stop coming into our bed every night, but none of the cookie cutter approaches worked. Rachel took the time to understand our situation and our daughter’s personality and helped us to find an approach that worked for us. Unlike a book, Rachel works with you to tweak your approach until it’s successful. You’re never alone in you quest for a good night’s sleep!

We were dreading having to confront our son's sleeping issues. Child-Works empowered us to not only confront them, but to conquer them. Rachel understood and incorporated our concerns into our son's sleep plan. That, coupled with daily follow-up, made the whole process less of a nightmare and more like a sweet dream.


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